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February 12, 2013
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Yoryyntel: Morzenan Council by aomaoe Yoryyntel: Morzenan Council by aomaoe

    Morzenan Council

    Morzenan's government consists of 8 appointed people whom together make the Council. Laws and Tribe Decisions are passed through this group of law firms and presented to the Shaman for a final decision. They are no one special within the tribe besides this name they've acquired, and work just as any other member within the tribe would. Their council position is more a secondary volunteer job that benefits the tribe as a whole, and not just for the singular member.

    Four of the eight tribe members are pictured above, whereas the other four will be created by *SgtRebel. She may not RP them unless I am present, as they are only authority figures for the time being. 

    You can RP/interact with each of them separately, but they can only host events, tasks or other scenarios capable of changing the story or plot as a whole.


    [ a g e: ] 37
    [r a c e: ] Human
    [ g e n d e r: ] Male
    [t r i b e: ] Morzenan
    [a n c e s t r y: ] Cyrnel, Guarmi
    [ p e r s o n a l i t y: ] 
    + Adaptable || Brave || Communicative || Determined || Diplomatic || Fearless || Forceful || Independent || Versatile 
    - Aggressive || Arrogant || Careless || Cruel || Detached || Harsh || Quick-Tempered || Sarcastic || Stubborn || Unpredictable || Vengeful

    [o c c u p a t i o n: ] Head of the Morzenan Guard & Council member
    [b i o: ] Born and raised in Guarmi, Cy'rion traveled to the far reaches of the Yoryyn territory on a journey to learn more about the two regions as a whole. He compared the differences and used knowledge to understand them. He does not come off as friendly, but he does come off as a man interested in knowledge. He came upon Morzenan as one of the last destinations on his journey, and ended up leaving an impression. The shaman was pleased with his knowledge, and the two of them shared many stories of their travels. During his time in the tribe, he was offered a place on the council. A man from a different region with different ideals and a different way of living-- a perfect candidate to create a diversity on the Morzenan council. 

    He was offered the position of Chief Communications Officer. He dealt with communication between tribes, and even with the cities of Guarmi. He hadn't spent long in this position, due to the fact the former head of the guard returned home with an injury that hindered his work. Coming to an agreement, Cy'rion took the mans place as head of the Morzenan Guard, and holds this position to this day. 

    [a d d i t i o n a l i n f o: ]
    >Cy'rion was born in Cyrnel, Guarmi. He was raised there beneath his father until he was an adult and parted ways.
    >He's never met his mother; he doesn't even know what she looks like, or her name. 
    >He does not regret leaving Guarmi and staying in Yoryyn. It is an escape from his abusive father and the harmful memories that linger there.
    >He grew up following the views of the man who raised him, and he still subconsciously follows such morals. He is rather racist against anything that isn't human, but does not openly express his dislike intentionally.

    Sun Siou Dalca

    [ a g e: ] 30
    [r a c e:] 100% Panther Chameleon Byyst
    [ g e n d e r: ] Male
    [t r i b e: ] Morzenan
    [a n c e s t r y: ] Morzenan 
    [ p e r s o n a l i t y: ]
    + Independent || Patient || Clever || Responsible || Helpful || Reliable 
    - Quiet || Cold || Blunt || Unemotional || Harsh || Sarcastic 

    [o c c u p a t i o n: ] Arborist & Council member 
    [b i o: ] Usually only going by Sun, Sun Siou was born to a single mother, his fathers whereabouts unknown and unmentioned by his mother. She was distant, and did not really take time out of her day to care for him after he was old enough to look after himself. 
    He spent a lot of his time outside of his home, wandering the tribe and the surrounding woodland. He became intrigued with the lands and spent more of his time exploring it and catering to it's needs. He found himself a job with it, caring for the lands outside the tribe, as well as within. He enjoyed his job, regardless of the countless injuries he's received from falling from trees or being attacked by the wildlife. Because of his dedication and knowledge on the land, he was offered a council position by the current shaman, Akos Hy'Meourwa.

    [a d d i t i o n a l i n f o: ]
    >He spends most of his time in the forests, away from people.
    >He befriends animals often, almost like companions.
    >He enjoys animals more than people.
    >He climbs trees a lot.

    Avani Direk

    [ a g e: ] 267
    [r a c e:] Mjolt
    [ g e n d e r: ] Male
    [t r i b e: ] Morzenan
    [a n c e s t r y: ] Morzenan
    [p e r s o n a l i t y: ]
    + Considerate || Energetic || Enthusiastic || Gentle || Hard-working || Innocent || Intelligent || Quiet || Shy || Timid 
    - Cowardly || Foolish || Gullible || Indecisive || Nervous || Silly || Touchy || Untidy || Weak-willed 

    [o c c u p a t i o n:] Record Keeper & Council Member 
    [b i o: ] Avani was born to a Mjolt couple who resided in Morzenan, his father from Ziskor and his mother from Morzenan. The Albinism trait was passed from his mother, who did not live to see her boy grow up. He may have been small and frail, but his mind was always alert. He learned quickly and easily surpassed other children his age. His talents were easily recognized by the previous Shaman of the tribe-- and he was trained for the position of record keeper. The shaman would be replaced before Avani would come into his position of power, but his name was passed on to the new shaman. 

    He was still approached when the time came to come in to this place of power, and the boy willingly accepted-- being brought onto the circle of rulers that controlled his home. 

    [a d d i t i o n a l i n f o: ]
    >His body is small, and fragile; not due to his age, but due to his condition
    >He has albinism. The coloration in his eye is a mix of the default blue and the rare red.
    >He adds to his tattoo collection as he gets older, hoping to have full sleeves on each of his limbs by the time he is an adult.
    >He was a sheltered child, and born a prodigy. Being drawn into his council position at a young age.

    Jethro Vincent

    [ a g e: ] 34
    [r a c e:] Thena
    [ g e n d e r: ] Male
    [t r i b e: ] Morzenan 
    [a n c e s t r y: ] Unknown
    [p e r s o n a l i t y: ] 
    + Independent || Patient || Energetic || Clever || Witty ||Observant || Humourous
    - Impulsive || Manipulative || Arrogant || Stubborn || Suspicious || Flirty

    [o c c u p a t i o n: ] Chief Communications Officer & Council member
    [b i o: ] His life before his time in Morzenan hasn't been spoken from the man since he arrived. He is rather secretive about his past and he'll most likely never reveal it. He was more or less bought from an illegal slave tradesman when he was young--bought under the guise he was to be a slave within a small family, but turned out instead to be a rescue. Once he was brought into the tribe, he was freed from any chains that hung from his thin limbs and given a warm meal and a warm bed. He grew up with the couple who bought him, and even learned to look up to them as parents. 

    His father worked for the Morzenan guard, and it intrigued Jethro to no end. He joined the guard as soon as he was old enough and began his rise to power. When the time came, he replaced his father as the head of the guard, controlling the forces within the tribe as a strong leader. During a scouting mission though, an accident occurred and the man returned with an almost fatal wound. He ended up losing his right arm in a fight, and had to step down from his position. To this day he feels guilty for his careless actions that lead to his removal from power, but he was glad that he was able to remain on the council as a different member. 

    [a d d i t i o n a l i n f o: ]
    >He is missing his right arm.
    >His scars are still VERY sensitive.
    >He and Inessa Vincent are married.

    [r e l a t i o n: ] 
    Yoryyntel - Akos Hy'Meourwa by aomaoe<da:thumb id="408994434"/>Yoryyntel: Inessa Vincent by SgtRebel

    Morzenan Council Aimee Ackerman
    Yoryyntel ~monokroe


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