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June 13, 2013
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[I.L.] - Lewis LaVoy by aomaoe [I.L.] - Lewis LaVoy by aomaoe
I'm really sorry his info is really wonky looking the code fucked up and I do not want to fix it. 

[ n a m e ]: Lewis Oscar LaVoy
[ a g e ]: 28
[ g e n d e r ]: Male
[ p a r t n e r ]: N/A
[ h e i g h t ]: 6'
[ w e i g h t ]: 156 lbs.
[ p l a c e . o f . b i r t h ]: Vancouver, Canada
[ c u r r e n t . r e s i d e n c e ]: Traveler
[ o c c u p a t i o n ]: Novelist/Tabloid Writer
[ i n v e n t o r y ]: N/A (Not a hunter)
[ v e h i c l e ]: ID K
[ p e r s o n a l i t y ]:
(positive+):Adventurous, Agreeable, Amusing, Calm, Careful, Creative, Emotional, Intelligent, Reserved, Understanding
(negative-):Aggressive, Changeable, Compulsive, Detached, Impatient, Jealous, Overcritical, Realistic, Sarcastic, Sneaky, Touchy, Unreliable, Vague
[ b i o / h i s t o r y ]: Since birth, his life has been an up and down roller coaster of mixed emotions and distancing himself from the ones he loves. He was the second born in a small Canadian family in Montana, who later moved to Vancouver. He was showered in love and gifts and gained all of the attention from his parents-- which lead to the hatred his older sister held for him. She never really voice this disdain, but it became clearer and clearer as he grew up. When Lewis turned 10, his father ended up the victim to a fatal car accident, which took his life and the lives of the passengers in the other car. This devastated his family, and began spreading the cracks in their broken relationship.
By this point, his mother was diagnosed with depression and hardly paid attention to her kids anymore- which strained both Lewis and his sister, but moreso on him. His sister at this time was 15, and mature enough from caring for herself to understand the situation. It still tore her heart in half, but she needed to be strong-- for her mother. The girl picked up a part time job and began working to help her mother financially, which brought back the seemingly transparent relationship between mother and daughter. But where did that leave Lewis? He was far too young to try and work, and his efforts to be included were shot down. Cassidy (his sister) always pushed him away and back out of the spotlight, showing him how she felt when he was born. It was cruel, unfair and unjust.. but Lewis couldn't say anything because he wouldn't want to further upset their mother.
When Lewis turned 13, he got lucky to be hired in a small family owned business because of a friend-- and he was thankful for that. They didn't overwork him and they welcomed him as one of their own-- it was nice. His life was starting to look up again and when he got into high school, he would feel even better. He spent a lot of his time away from his family, either at school or at 'work', and it did wonders to his personality. It was until he was the victim of a prank so to speak, from some upper classmen.. that he ended up falling right back into that never ending hole of darkness. A girl he and his friend admired from afar approached him and used his affection as a toy. She acted as though she felt the same and asked him out-- which should've been his first warning sign that it was a joke. He was blinded by his feelings and accepted the offer, which strained his relationship with his friend because he also liked the girl. The girl used him and abused him, up until a day where she and all of her clique humiliated him and destroyed his high school life. He then hated, and was hated by everything. He wasn't welcomed at home. We wasn't welcomed in school. He wasn't even welcomed at work anymore because of his friends blind jealous rage. 
His outlook on life grew more grim by each passing day. By Junior year, he did consider taking his own life, but his thought process wasnever completed because the haunting thought of 'I can't do this to my mother. Not a second time' still came back, even though she never seemed to show any care for his existence anymore. He decided to just continue through high school and get it over with. 
When he turned 18, he enlisted in the army without telling his family or his friends, just.. up and left as soon as he graduated. He never looked back and never felt obligated to. With his U.S. citizenship, he moved back to the states without word with money he had saved, and joined the military. He finally felt.. welcomed in a place he knew he belonged. It was hard, and it was stressful.. but it was a hell of a lot better than what he was in before. He served about four years on the force, and was even part of a deployment once or twice, which happened to lead up to his departure. The life was welcoming, but he couldn't deal with the stress-- something.. about it, just. Didn't click with him. 
This is when he decided to spend his life traveling about the states-- meeting people, hearing stories. He heard many stories from others in the military, and even some that. just sounded plain fiction. He wanted to findmore of these stories and traveled about to do so. Through his time around the country, he began writing some of these stories down and even creating some of his own-- writing became a passion and he enjoyed every minute of it. Even now he continues to dive into the supernatural world not to hunt-- but to write. He was more interested in learning about it as a pasttime and not so much dedicating his life to it. 
[ l i k e s ]:
>Occasionally sketching
>Basic fighting spars and training
[ d i s l i k e s ]:
>Hot weather
>His family
[ e x t r a ]:
>He never introduces himself as a tabloid writer - only the novelist 
> He served in the army
>i d k 

Lewis LaVoy Aimee Ackerman
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aomaoe Nov 26, 2013   Digital Artist
aomaoe Nov 26, 2013   Digital Artist
lmfAO OMfG BRII This comment though literally throws u in a river
and i literally just picture Enki being wrapped around his body like. Tied around. Like a ribbon. LMFAO NOT CLINGING. ITS. SSJDGSJ LMAOFAOFAO. 
That's pretty gay of u
aomaoe Nov 26, 2013   Digital Artist
Alright, you just convinced me - I NEED THIS GROUP IN MY LIFE! Jumping la 
aomaoe Oct 28, 2013   Digital Artist
hope I can stay sane long enough for the next opening ehehe ovo (SANE bwahaha, like I ever was a sane person in the first place)
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